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Why did Joe Sakic retire?

Why did Joe Sakic retire?

Sakic waited to announce his retirement until Lacroix was healed following complications from a knee replacement surgery. Known for his lethal wrist shot and precision passing, Sakic leaves the game among the NHL’s career scoring leaders. He’s eighth in points (1,641), 11th in assists (1,016) and 14th in goals (625).

How many Stanley Cups did Joe Sakic win?

two Stanley Cup titles
Sakic led the Avalanche to two Stanley Cup titles (1996, 2001), which included the city of Denver’s first major professional sports championship in 1996. The Burnaby, B.C., native captured the franchise’s first Hart Trophy as league MVP in 2001, won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP in 1996, earned the Lester B.

When did Forsberg retire?

Peter Forsberg/Career end

After retirement On 8 October 2011, Forsberg had his jersey number retired prior to the Avalanche’s 2011–12 season opener at the Pepsi Center.

How much does Joe Sakic make?

Joe Sakic’s net worth / earnings / salary history. He made US$94,045,190 (US$142,812,266 in today’s dollars), ranking #24 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

How old is Joe Sakic?

52 years (July 7, 1969)
Joe Sakic/Age

Is Joe Sakic married?

Debbie Metivier
Joe Sakic/Spouse

How long did Eric Lindros play in the NHL?

During the course of his 13 seasons in the NHL, Lindros played in just 760 games, tallying 865 points while scoring 372 goals in regular season play.

Does Peter Forsberg have a son in the NHL?

Lennox Forsberg
Peter Forsberg/Sons

Who is Joe Sakic married to?

Joe Sakic/Spouse
Personal life. Sakic and his wife Debbie have three children: son Mitchell, born in 1996, and fraternal twins; son Chase and daughter Kamryn, born in October 2000. They met at a local high school while he was playing in Swift Current, and they frequently return to the town during the off-season.

Where does Joe Sakic rank all-time?

Sakic ranks among the top 10 all-time in several key statistical areas, including eighth in points (1,681).

What year did Eric Lindros play?

2006Dallas Stars
August 20, 2001New York Rangers1992Philadelphia Flyers
Eric Lindros/Dates joined

How much did Eric Lindros weigh?

240 lbs
Eric Lindros/Weight
Lindros will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday because when it all came together for him, when he was healthy and happy and humming, he was a dominant force. He had the skill of a small man but stood 6 feet 4, weighed 240 pounds and powered through opponents with a mean streak.