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When and how was Antarctica discovered?

When and how was Antarctica discovered?

The first sighting of Antarctica is now widely acknowledged to have taken place on the 28th (maybe the 27th) of January 1820 during the voyage of two Russian ships, the Vostok and Mirnyi under the command of Captain Fabien (Thaddeus) Gottleib von Bellingshausen during a two year exploratory expedition around the world …

How was the Antarctic discovered?

The race to find Antarctica sparked competition to locate the South Pole—and stoked another rivalry. Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen found it on December 14, 1911. Just over a month later, Robert Falcon Scott found it, too.

Why did they explore Antarctica?

Explorers set out for the glory of their own countries, each striving to be the first to reach the farthest point in the Southern Ocean, the first to discover the South Magnetic Pole, or the even more fertile fishing grounds that could bring wealth to the nation, the first to reach the South Pole, or the first to cross …

Who are the famous people who explored Antarctica?

Some famous people who explored Antarctica include: Ernest Shackleton, Sir James Clark Ross, Sir Edmund Hillary and Nobu Shirase .

Who was the first explorer to find Antarctica?

Bellingshausen and Lazarev became the first explorers to see and officially discover the land of the continent of Antarctica. Three days later, on 30 January 1820, a British expedition captained by Irishman Edward Bransfield sighted Trinity Peninsula, and ten months later an American sealer Nathaniel Palmer sighted Antarctica on 17 November 1820.

Who was the first person who founded Antarctica?

Captain James Cook is the one who discovered Antarctica while crossing the Antarctic Circle on January 17, 1773 with the ships HMS Resolution and Adventure. There are confirmed first sightings of persons who discovered Antarctica in the 1820s.

Who was the famous British explorer who conquered Antarctica?

Sir Ernest Shackleton. Perhaps the most famous polar explorer,British-Irish Shackleton led two significant Antarctic expeditions,between 1907 and 1909,as well as 1914 to 1917.

  • Roald Amundsen.
  • Robert Falcon Scott.
  • Shirase Nobu.
  • Sir Edgeworth David.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary.
  • Sir Douglas Mawson.
  • Sir James Clark Ross.
  • Women in Antarctica.
  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes.