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Who influenced Bob Martin?

Who influenced Bob Martin?

Biography. While attending Suffolk University in Boston during the 1960s, he was influenced by the Cambridge folk scene and played at the Nameless Coffeehouse, Club 47 (now Club Passim), and other folk clubs. In 1972, he went to Nashville and recorded his first album, Midwest Farm Disaster.

What type of photographer is Martin Parr?

Martin Parr/Forms

What is Bob Martin known for?

Bob Martin is a multi-award-winning sports photographer, who specializes in shooting action pictures for advertising, corporate, and editorial clients. Martin has photographed major sporting events worldwide, from the last fourteen summer and winter Olympic Games, to elephant polo and horseracing on ice.

What makes Martin Parr unique?

Martin Parr’s unmistakable eye for the quirks of ordinary life has made him a distinctive voice in visual culture for more than 30 years. Known for his use of garish colours and esoteric composition, he has studied cultural peculiarities around the world from Japan to America, Europe, and his home country of Britain.

Who is Bob Martin photographer?

Bob Martin is a multi award-winning sports photographer specialising in shooting sports and action pictures for advertising, corporate and editorial clients. We caught up with Bob recently to discuss photography and why he switched from a DSLR to Sony mirrorless cameras.

Is Bob Martin Flea and Tick Spray Safe?

Product Information Bob Martin Clear Flea and Tick Spray is safe to use both in the home and on your pets, vital when treating a flea infestation.

What influenced Martin Parr?

Martin Parr’s influences ‘ In the 1980s Parr was inspired by American colour photographers William Eggleston and Stephen Shore, and discarded monochrome for the popping colour photography he is now known for.

Why did Martin Parr start photography?

From the age 14, Martin Parr wanted to become a documentary photographer and he did. Parr, born in Epsom, Surrey on 23rd May 1952 is a British photojournalist and collector. His interest in photography spurred from his grandfather who was also a photographer.

Where does Uncle Bob work?

What type of applications do you develop? Nowadays I work on the website. That’s built-in Clojure. I also sometimes work on the FitNesse project in Java.

How did Martin Parr get into photography?

From the age 14, Martin Parr wanted to become a documentary photographer and he did. His interest in photography spurred from his grandfather who was also a photographer. He is popular for his projects that critically analyze modern life especially in the provinces and suburbs of England.

What film camera did Martin Parr use?

In the 1970s Parr was shooting black and white with a 35mm Leica M3. In the 80s he used a lot a medium format and on-board flash, and switched to digital in the mid-2000s. In 2006 he got first small digital Sony camera and later a Canon 5D.

Who is the CEO of Thor Industries?

Robert W. Martin (Aug 1, 2013–)
Thor Industries/CEO

Who is Bob Martin the amazing sports photographer?

– Boi Bob Martin is a phenomenal sports photographer based out of England. He is a very seasoned pro considering he has been in the photography world for over thirty years! Bobby has taken pictures of pretty much anything in the sports world.

When was Bob Martin at the Winter Olympics?

Bob Martin reflects on his amazing experience in Torino, during the 2006 winter Olympics. He was amazed about how many people there were. He said there are just as many photographers as there are spectators! “Makes sense though, anyone can be a photographer these days.”

What kind of job did Martin Martin get?

Martin quickly found himself working as a photographer’s assistant with dreams of eventually becoming a newspaper photojournalist. Less than a year later, Martin accepted a job as a photo technician at Imperial College, where he helped out with studies about water flow and stress fractures in metal.