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What to do in Central City Pokemon Light Platinum?

What to do in Central City Pokemon Light Platinum?

Notable Places

  • Safari Zone. See Safari Zone. The safari zone is the main place to get pokemon early game.
  • Contest Hall. See Contest Hall. The contest hall is for contests to rate your pokemon.
  • Zhery Radio TV Station. See Zhery Radio TV Station.
  • Central City Train Station. See Central City Train Station.

Who is the main character in Pokemon Light Platinum?

Lure is a young man who dreams of being a great trainer of Pokémon, He is one of the Main Characters in Pokémon Light Platinum.

How do you get the train ticket in Pokemon Light Platinum?

The train station gives you access to Lauren provided you have a ticket. You can obtain a ticket by becoming the Zhery Champion.

Where can I buy Pokeballs in light platinum?

Talk to the Professor after returning to the lab. She will give 5 pokeballs. Note that you actually have to start talking to her; this will not happen automatically. On the second floor of the professors lab, there is a pokeball on a table which contains a free Elekid.

What Gen is light platinum?

Pokemon Light Platinum is really excellent Remake ROM from Pokemon Ruby Version. Many new features were included in the completed version and some Pokemon Generation 4th are available.

How many regions are in light platinum?

What’s notable about Light Platinum is this: It feels more like a real Pokémon game than any hacked ROM I’ve played. It’s got two enormous regions to explore, Pokémon from four different generations, entirely new sprites and tile sets and a level of polish that no other game on this list can top.

Where is the gym leader of Drakebreath city?

The Drakebreath City Gym Leader is at the end of Mt. Drake.

Where is Mt winter in Pokemon Light Platinum?

Mt. Winter

Mt. Winter “Wild Missingno. appeared!”
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Location: Inside Mt. Icestorm
Region: Zhery
Location of Mt. Winter in Zhery.

How do you get the rainbow pass in Pokemon Light Platinum?

After defeating the Lauren League and defeating Eusine in Kosaka City, you get the Rainbow Pass. It allows you to travel with the hot air balloon on the right in Noormeak City to Mt. Rainbow to catch Ho-Oh.

How do you get dialga and palkia in Pokemon Platinum?

After you have the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs, you’ll be able to find Dialga and Palkia’s rifts at the top of the mountain. Save your game. If you accidentally defeat the legendary or are beaten, you’ll want a save point to return to. Enter the blue portal and catch Dialga.