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What should I avoid during radiation treatment?

What should I avoid during radiation treatment?

What Foods Should I Avoid During Radiation? Foods to avoid or reduce during radiation therapy include sodium (salt), added sugars, solid (saturated) fats, and an excess of alcohol. Some salt is needed in all diets. Your doctor or dietitian can recommend how much salt you should consume based on your medical history.

Can you use lotion during radiation?

Do not use any lotions, creams, perfumes, powders, cosmetics, tape or deodorants on the skin where your radiation is given. Do not rub or massage the treated area. Wear loose, cotton fiber clothing to reduce irritation.

What are the do’s and don’ts of radiotherapy?

Don’t wear tight clothing over the treatment area. It’s important not to rub, scrub or scratch any sensitive spots. Also avoid putting anything that is very hot or very cold—such as heating pads or ice packs—on your treated skin.

Can you use deodorant when having radiotherapy?

Women can safely use antiperspirants during radiation treatment for breast cancer, despite fears to the contrary, according to a US study. Patients undergoing daily radiation therapy for breast cancer are commonly told they should not use antiperspirant for fear that it could cause greater radiation damage to the skin.

Can you drink wine during radiation treatment?

In general, we recommend you limit alcohol intake during cancer treatment of any kind before, during and after cancer treatment. If you’re undergoing radiation to your head, neck, throat, esophagus or stomach, we ask that you abstain from alcohol since it can cause irritation and be physically uncomfortable.

Why do you have to drink water before radiotherapy?

Guidance to keep your bladder full If you are not well hydrated before you drink your water for the treatment, hardly any water will pass to the bladder. As a guide we recommend you drink 500ml of water in the morning before your appointment.

Should I avoid the sun after radiation therapy?

If you’re having radiotherapy, don’t expose the treated area to the sun until your radiotherapy has finished and any skin reaction has settled down. The skin in the treated area will remain sensitive to the sun for some time after treatment so you will need to use sunscreen.

What is the best cream to use for radiation burns?

Moisturize: At the beginning your radiation treatment, before you have any side effects, moisturize the skin after your daily treatment with an ointment such as A&D, Eucerin, Aquaphor, Miaderm, Biafene, or Radiacare.

What is the best cream to use after radiotherapy?

What is the best cream to use after radiation?

Aquaphor® is often recommended to patients for general skin care. (Your health care team will give you a sample and a coupon for Aquaphor). If your skin becomes dry or itches and your doctor approves, apply the product to the treatment areas after radiation.

Does radiation therapy make you smell?

Radiation therapy – Radiation to the head or neck area can damage tastebuds and salivary glands. This damage can change the way you taste, smell or feel food.

Can you dye your hair when having radiotherapy?

Can I dye my hair? Generally, yes. Hair that is not being treated directly with radiation can be dyed. But if you’re having radiation to the head and neck area and experience hair loss, it’s best to wait a few months after your hair has grown back.

Is it safe to use antiperspirants during radiation therapy?

The study found that using antiperspirants doesn’t increase the amount of radiation delivered to the skin. The research was published online on July 18, 2017 by Radiotherapy & Oncology. Read the abstract of “Avoiding antiperspirants during breast radiation therapy: Myth or sound advice?”

Is it OK to put Cream on your skin during radiotherapy?

Don’t use creams or dressings on the treatment area unless advised by your specialist or radiographer. During radiotherapy and for a while afterwards your skin might be sensitive. The following tips might help:

What do you need to know about Radiotherapy safety?

The safety precautions you need to take depend on the type of internal radiotherapy you’re having. Each hospital has slightly different routines, but the same safety rules apply across the UK. Brachytherapy means a small radioactive metal called a source is put into or very close to the cancer.

What should you stay away from during radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy sometimes kills healthy cells, reduces the strength of the immune system, and increases your susceptibility to diseases and infection. Raw fish and shellfish are often contaminated with viruses, parasites and bacteria, so it’s best to stay away from these items for the duration of your treatment.