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What metal types can be used for spinning operation?

What metal types can be used for spinning operation?

Applications and Uses of Spinning: The most commonly used are: Aluminum, Copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel etc. 2. Molybdenum, titanium, and magnesium alloys are usually spun by hot spinning process.

How do I make my spinner spin longer?

How to Make a Fidget Spinner Spin Longer

  1. Apply Lubricant or Vegetable Oil. Remove the ball bearing and add lubricant or vegetable oil around the edges.
  2. Try a Metal, Ceramic, or Hybrid Spinner.
  3. Add Weight.
  4. Double the Rings.
  5. Go to Outer Space.

What metals can be spun?


  • The range of metals that can be spun is extensive.
  • The properties required for good metal spinning are good ductility and tensile elongation.
  • Main materials are aluminium and its alloys, copper, 70-30 brass, mild steel, stainless steel and titanium.
  • Mild steel up to 9 mm thick can be spun.

Who is the fastest spin bowler?

5 fastest deliveries bowled by spinners

  • Shadab Khan to Joe Root (111 KMPH)
  • Krunal Pandya to Marcus Stoinis (112.5 KMPH)
  • Piyush Chawla to Shane Watson (117 KMPH)
  • Anil Kumble to Marcus Trescothick (118 KMPH)
  • Shahid Afridi to Tim Southee (134 KMPH)

What is the process of metal spinning?

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming or spinning or metal turning most commonly, is a metalworking process by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part. Spinning can be performed by hand or by a CNC lathe.

Can metal be stretched?

One of the most basic ways to stretch sheet metal is by using planishing hammers. Ultimately, the sheet metal is firmly placed on a hard surface and is beaten using the planishing hammer, forcing the metal to compress and stretch.

What is the fastest spinning bearing?

Researchers in Belgium have developed the world’s fastest air bearings for applications ranging from the food industry to electric cars. A team at Belgian university KU Leuven has made a shaft that runs at 1.2 million rotations per minute, which is 133 times faster than the maximum rpm of a Ferrari 458 Italia.

What should be the speed of metal spinning?

Once again, experienced help will be of great aid. As a general rule, spinning is done between 800 and 1800 rpm; the thicker the diameter and/or disc, the slower the lathe will spin. Very thin discs are spun commercially at speeds up to 5000 rpm, and very large discs may require speeds below 100 rpm.

What can I do to make my top spin faster?

If the top wobbles, it can increase the friction forces on the tip as the wobbling may drag the tip across the floor. Reducing air friction usually just means making the top smooth and symmetrical about its axis. Actually, putting golf-ball style dimples might help — experiment!

What makes a heavy top spin faster than a light top?

A heavy top with mass concentrated far away from the center will have more energy when spinning than a light top (it will also push down harder on the tip). Follow-up on this answer.

What’s the best way to spin a metal disc?

Often for forms with a flat bottom, the chuck and follow block are relieved (cut back) on the central surfaces out to within about ¼” of the edge to center the disc and to prevent marring the metal. Set the lathe drive for the proper speed. Once again, experienced help will be of great aid.