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What is the largest deficit overcome in college basketball?

What is the largest deficit overcome in college basketball?

The greatest comeback in NCAA Division I history occurred on February 22, 2018 when Drexel overcame a 34-point deficit against Delaware….NBA

  • 36 points — Utah Jazz vs.
  • 35 points — Sacramento Kings vs.
  • 32 points — Boston Celtics vs.
  • 30 points — Toronto Raptors vs.
  • 30 points — Dallas Mavericks vs.

What is the largest margin of victory in an NCAA championship game?

69 points
Both teams set tourney records in this game — Loyola, which went on to win the championship, still holds the mark for largest margin of victory (69 points), and Tennessee Tech can still boast the all-time lowest field goal percentage in an early-round game, shooting 22 percent on 18-for-82 from the field.

What is the biggest college basketball rivalry?

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1 – Duke University and UNC. To find this rivalry at number one will be of little surprise to fans of college sports. These two colleges have been duking it out for decades across a number of games.

What is the highest seed to make the Elite Eight?

►The record for the highest overall total seeding in the Elite Eight is 40.

What’s the biggest halftime deficit?

Perhaps none of his heroics were finer than this day when he led the 49ers back by scoring on a 1-yard run, connecting on a 71-yard bomb and added another TD pass to rally San Fran from a 35-7 halftime deficit….San Francisco 49ers – From 28 points behind to win:

Totals NO SF
Yards Passing 376 254
Turnovers 3 0

What is the biggest comeback in major league history?

Regular Season Comeback Wins

Rk Date Score
1 1952-06-29 2-8
2 1990-08-21 1-11
3 1961-06-18 5-12
4 2001-07-28 2-8

What NCAA coach has the most national championships basketball?

Multiple championship coaches

Coach School Championships
John Wooden UCLA 10
Mike Krzyzewski Duke 5
Adolph Rupp Kentucky 4
Roy Williams North Carolina 3

Who is University of Kentucky’s biggest rival?

Historic rivalry vs. Tennessee: While Kentucky’s biggest rival in most sports is Louisville, no other football program has faced Kentucky more often than Tennessee, which has played UK 108 times in the last 114 years.

Has a 14 seed ever made the Final Four?

14 – Chattanooga (1997) and Cleveland St. (1986) are the only No. 14 seeds to ever reach to the Sweet 16.