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What happened to the original Scrabble app?

What happened to the original Scrabble app?

The war of words began when Scrabble Go was announced as a replacement for the previous, much more traditional app, owned by EA. In a statement on Twitter (below), EA revealed that its own beloved app will be discontinued on 5 June, as Scopely now owns the Scrabble franchise.

Is there a Scrabble game I can play against the computer?

There are 6 different skill levels and you can play many different type games including classic scrabble against the computer, other players (up to 4), tournaments, online and special new mini games. The best way is to challenge “maven” the computer opponent.

Are there different versions of Scrabble?

Clabbers is the best known variant to tournament Scrabble players. All of the rules are identical to Scrabble with one exception: words played only have to be anagrams of real words. For example, MPORCTEU is a valid play in Clabbers because it is an anagram of COMPUTER.

When was the publication year of Scrabble?


Scrabble logo, used by Mattel since 2013
Manufacturers Mattel (outside U.S. and Canada) Hasbro (within U.S. and Canada)
Designers Alfred Mosher Butts
Publishers James Brunot
Publication 1938

Has online Scrabble been discontinued?

Scrabble Go, a new game which will replace the existing official Scrabble mobile app made by Electronic Arts (EA) has sparked hundreds of complaints. The EA game will be discontinued on 5 June because the official franchise is now licensed to Scopely.

Can I play Scrabble on Zoom?

Scrabble. Scrabble can be played on the Zoom screen share facility. You can play the game by opening the Words with Friends app.

Where can I play the original Scrabble online?, run by Electronic Arts, is an official place to play Scrabble. Two versions are available: classic Scrabble (for two to four players) and Scrabble Blast (a solo game fairly described as Scrabble meets Boggle). Free registration is required to join

When did Scrabble Deluxe Edition come out?

Scrabble Deluxe Wood Edition (2005)

What is the difference between Scrabble Deluxe and Scrabble?

Scrabble Deluxe is an upscale edition of Scrabble produced by the Parker Brothers division of Hasbro Games. Scrabble Deluxe has the same rules and is the same game as Scrabble, but it uses deluxe materials to make for a more enjoyable Scrabble experience.

Who published Scrabble?

J. W. Spear & Sons
Selchow and RighterJames Brunot

Who made Scrabble games in 1952?

Within a year, the SCRABBLE game was a ‘must-have’ hit, to the point that SCRABBLE games were being rationed to stores around the country! In 1952, the Brunots licensed Selchow & Righter Company, a well-known game manufacturer, to market and distribute the games in the United States and Canada.

What are the different versions of Scrabble?

Today the SCRABBLE game is found in three of every five American homes, ranging from a Junior edition to an Electronic Scoring edition with many versions in between including: standard, deluxe, and travel-sized games.

Is there a Scrabble game for Windows?

Form words to earn big scores and bonuses in this classic word game that is every bit as good as it looks. If you like the game, be sure to check out the 1994 updated version for Windows called Scrabble for Windows, also on this site. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

When was the Scrabble game trademarked?

And so the SCRABBLE Brand Crossword Game was trademarked in 1948. Words Don’t Always Come Easily… Pushing on, the Brunots rented a small, red, abandoned schoolhouse in Dodgington, Connecticut.