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What goes well with maple flooring?

What goes well with maple flooring?

For a contemporary look, choose white walls. This will create a very clean and crisp feeling to the room by combining the lightest color possible with the light coloring of the flooring. To warm up a stark space and give it more character, use ivory or light neutral colors such as beige, tan or a light sage green.

Are maple floors out of style?

American maple hardwood flooring is a classic, and is a solid investment as it has great longevity – not just in actual terms because of its durability – but because it is a popular choice that is unlikely to go out of fashion.

Should rugs match flooring?

Your rug selection plays a significant role, as well and should complement your flooring in style, tone, and pattern to help further your design scheme. That’s not to say that your rug and flooring have to match (contrast can play a strong role in your overall scheme), but they should relate in some way.

What Colours go with maple wood?

Colors That Go With Maple Wood

  • Yellow. Yellow kitchen walls will draw out a similar tone in maple cabinetry, resulting in a cohesive look for your culinary space.
  • Orange. For a bold shade that also ties into the warm finish of maple, orange is an eye-catching choice.
  • Mushroom.
  • Bright Green.
  • Turquoise.
  • Teal.
  • Light Blue.
  • Taupe.

Is Maple a hardwood for flooring?

Maple hardwood flooring is a flooring surface made from timbers cut from a Maple tree. Maple floorboards feature clear, hard flowing grain with occasional swirls and neutral hues that range from creamy white to light brown. Maple hardwood flooring can be dressed up or down to match the decor of any interior design.

How do you keep maple floors from yellowing?

If you want to avoid the yellow, use a water borne polyurethane (e.g. Bona Traffic HD). They are much lighter and more clear. Oil based polyurethanes will give you a yellowish coat, so your floors will have a yellow tint. They will continue to get darker and more yellow over time.

Does maple flooring yellow over time?

The cons of maple flooring Discolours over time – As with any solid wood, with constant exposure to light it will yellow over time. Sensitive to heat changes – Like other hard woods, maple is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Should you put a rug on hardwood floors?

Area rugs can be used to protect high-traffic areas of your home. If you have wood flooring in areas like hallways, entries, and living rooms, you should consider adding an area rug. They reduce the wear and tear while still letting you show off your stylish floors.

What color rug goes best with hardwood floors?

Think deep greens, reds, and browns to give light woods cozier vibes. You can also lift the heaviness of a moody room by layering dark hardwoods with muted tones. Stick to rug colors in neutrals like white and grey for buoyancy. Think you know which rug will look best with your hardwood floor?

How to choose a rug for espresso flooring?

If you are choosing a rug with a pattern, it should contrast with your flooring. This rug on a dark espresso floor would probably not look as good as it does against the light background of the sisal rug which also seems to be the same colour as the wood flooring in this room.

What should you look for in an area rug?

One of the most important things to look for in an area rug is making sure it is non-staining. For a rug to be non-staining, the color or dyes contained in the rug will not run or bleed through onto your hardwood floors when they become damp.

What is the best material to use for a rug?

Fabric/Material. Wool has been the staple for rugs for decades and, to this day, still is because it is the best fiber for rugs due to its long lasting durability. Additionally, the back of the rug is equally important because that is the part that will touch the nice hardwood floor.