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What does pony mean when he says sodapop kept them in stitches?

What does pony mean when he says sodapop kept them in stitches?

Sodapop “kept them in stitches”. This means: He caused them to laugh hysterically. When asked by a reporter about what he wished to do when he got home, Pony said, Take a bath.

What does pony mean when he says soda reminds me of a colt?

Soda reminds Pony of a colt because he is handsome and enjoys attention. Here, Soda is compared to a colt because he is comfortable with himself and enjoys attention. Pony says he “radiates” like a movie star, and all of the reporters admire him. Pony also admires him, because he can’t feel comfortable in his own skin.

What does pony mean by Johnny at the popcorn?

When Cherry and Ponyboy go for popcorn, Cherry asks about Johnny. Ponyboy takes to the time to explain that Johnny was once beat up by the Socs. A group of them cornered Johnny is an abandoned lot and beat him so badly that he couldn’t move.

What did sodapop do to reporters in stitches?

Q. What did Soda do to make the reporters “in stitches?” He hit them.

What does Ponyboy realize after talking to Randy?

Ponyboy feels reassured by his talk with Randy and realizes that Socs can be human and vulnerable.

How is sodapop compassionate?

Soda is compassionate. Soda is trying to act as referee between Ponyboy and Darry, because he knows that Darry is often hard on Pony and that Pony is sensitive and gets upset when Darry yells at him. Pony says that Darry never yells at Soda, but Soda is trying to explain to Pony that Darry’s hopes lie with him.

What does Ponyboy mean by maybe people are younger when they are asleep?

“Maybe people are younger when they are asleep” (p. 104). think that people look younger when they are asleep because they are not worrying or thinking about anything; relaxed.

What does Cherry mean when she calls sodapop a doll?

He may think it makes him look cool or funny. He just wants to make them mad. What does Cherry mean when she calls Sodapop a “doll”? He’s cute.

What Cherry says about Ponyboy?

Q. What does Cherry say about Ponyboy’s name? She laughs and makes fun of his name. She says it’s a lovely name.

What does the newspaper call Johnny?

What has the newspaper called Johnny? A thug.

What is soda doing while the police are interviewing ponyboy?

Describe what Soda is doing while the police are trying to interview Ponyboy. Soda entertains everyone by taking a reporter’s hat and camera to make fun of the reporters.

Did Sodapop get Sandy pregnant?

History. Sodapop told Ponyboy he was sure he was going to marry Sandy. However, when she got pregnant, she left to go live with her grandmother in Florida. She is mentioned once in the film, but Sodapop never says she moved or got pregnant.

What happens to Pony and soda in Chapter 7?

The consequences for Pony’s running away now loom frightfully large on the horizon. For he and Soda to be sent away and the family separated would be tragic for all concerned. Note that in this chapter the reader is told many times that Ponyboy is not feeling well, or not feeling quite right.

What did Sodapop do in the outsiders Chapter 7?

Sodapop kept them in stitches. He’d grab one guy’s press hat and another’s camera and walk around interview ing the nurses and mimicking TV reporters. He tried to lift a policeman’s gun and grinned so crazily when he was caught that the policeman had to grin too. Soda can make anyone grin.

What was the worst part of Ponyboy’s story?

The worst part is that he can never remember them. Ponyboy isn’t feeling well, but he and Two-Bit leave the house and walk toward the hospital to visit Dally and Johnny. The blue Mustang reappears and eventually pulls over.

What did soda look like when he woke up?

Soda was awake by then, and although he looked stony-faced, as if he hadn’t heard a word the doctor had said, his eyes were bleak and stunned. Serious reality has a hard time coming through to Soda, but when it does, it hits him hard.