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What did Alexander Ross do?

What did Alexander Ross do?

He is best known as an agent for the secret Underground Railroad slave escape network, known in that organization and among slaves as “The Birdman” for his preferred cover story as an ornithologist. …

Who was Alexander Ross?

Alexander Ross, fur trader, author (b in Morayshire, Scot 9 May 1783; d at Red River [Man] 23 Oct 1856). In his last book, Ross saw Red River as a civilized island in a barbarous wilderness, but despaired as to its future and that of its mixed-blood inhabitants.

Where was Alexander Ross born?

County of MorayAlexander Ross / Place of birthMoray or Morayshire, called Elginshire until 1919, is a historic county, registration county and lieutenancy area of Scotland, bordering Nairnshire to the west, Inverness-shire to the south, and Banffshire to the east. It was a local government county, with Elgin the county town, until 1975. Wikipedia

What did Alexander Ross do for the Underground Railroad?

Dr. Alexander Milton Ross had a broad connection with the anti-slavery movement and the Underground Railroad. Using his interest in birds as a cover for his daring Underground Railroad activities, he publicized the route to the Black Settlements in Canada and the location of safe houses along the way.

Who did Alexander Ross work for?

Alexander Ross (fur trader)

Alexander Ross
Occupation schoolmaster, farmer, fur trader, author
Employer Pacific Fur Company, North West Company, Hudson’s Bay Company
Spouse(s) Sally/Sarah Timentwa (the daughter of an Okanagan chief)
Children James, William, Henrietta, Mary

When was Alexander Ross born?

May 9, 1783Alexander Ross / Date of birth

When was Alexander Milton Ross born?

December 13, 1832Alexander Milton Ross / Date of birth

ROSS, ALEXANDER MILTON, physician, abolitionist, author, naturalist, and reformer; b. 13 Dec. 1832 in Belleville, Upper Canada, son of William Ross and Frederika Grant; m. 1857 Hester E.

Where did Alexander Ross live?

9 May 1783 in Morayshire, Scotland; d. 23 Oct. 1856 in the Red River settlement (Man.). Alexander Ross was raised in Scotland on his father’s farm, Layhill, in the parish of Dyke.

Who was Alexander Ross and what did he do?

Alexander Ross was born December 13, 1832 in Belleville, Upper Canada and died October 27, 1897 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was an abolitionist who was an agent for the secret Underground Railroad slave escape network, known in that organization and among slaves as “The Birdman” for his preferred cover story as a bird enthusiast.

How did Alexander Ross help the slaves escape?

Alexander Ross pretended he was a bird hunter and picked Adam and Lester to be his guide. With Adam and Lester’s help, he helped the slaves escape from the plantation.

Who was Alexander Ross in underground to Canada?

In the novel, Underground to Canada Alexander Ross was a brave man who helped Julilly, Liza, Lester and Adam to escape the Riley plantation. He was an Abolitionist who wanted to help slaves escape slavery.

Why did Alexander Milton Ross go to the south?

After graduating from Medical School in 1855, Ross alleged that he visited Gerrit Smith and asked for help to go into the South to aid the escape of slaves. He claimed that Smith took him on a journey from Boston to Indiana to acquaint him with prominent operatives in the Underground Railroad.