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Is restart by Gordon Korman on Disney plus?

Is restart by Gordon Korman on Disney plus?

He said his favorite book is always the most recent one or his newest book. Many people thought Restart would be a good movie, and people questioned if it was going to be a major picture film. Gordon Korman stated he sold the movie rights to Disney Plus, but it won’t be a movie in the theaters.

What are 3 facts about Gordon Korman?

Fun Facts about Gordon Korman

  • He had published several books before graduating high school and won the Air Canada award for promising young authors at the age of 17.
  • He has written three books for the 39 Clues series.

How many books has Korman sold?

Korman has sold more than 28 million books over a career spanning four decades and has appeared at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Who is Gordon Korman’s wife?

Michelle Isersonm. 1996
Gordon Korman/Wife

How old is chase in restart?

When 13-year-old Chase Ambrose wakes up in a hospital after four days in a coma, there’s a woman weeping at his side. “Where am I?” he asks.

Is ungifted a movie?

Ungifted is an upcoming comedy series that was officially announced on March 2, 2021. It is based off of the book of the same name by Gordan Kormam. Not much is known about the series as it is in pre-production. It is set to premiere in Fall 2021.

What is Gordon Korman’s most popular book?


1 I Want to Go Home! by Gordon Korman 4.48 avg rating — 2,370 ratings score: 1,994, and 20 people voted
40 Hideout (Swindle, #5) by Gordon Korman 4.25 avg rating — 1,948 ratings score: 187, and 2 people voted

Where did Gordon Korman go to high school?

New York University
Thornlea Secondary School
Gordon Korman/Education

How old is Gordon Korman?

58 years (October 23, 1963)
Gordon Korman/Age

What degree did Gordon Korman get in college?

New York University
Gordon Korman/College

Does Chase like Shoshanna?

She at first is very hostile and rude towards Chase because of his actions (Before the accident) to her brother Joel Weber. But after her project with Chase she has a slight chase of heart and starts to like him more.

How did Chase fall off the roof in restart?

Why did Chase go to court the second time? He stole Mr. Solway’s Medal of Honor before he fell off the roof.