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How old is Graham Souness?

How old is Graham Souness?

68 years (May 6, 1953)
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How many titles did Souness win with Rangers?

four Scottish titles
After stepping into the role of player-manager at the age of 33 in 1986, Graeme Souness guided Rangers to four Scottish titles in five years, ending an eight-year barren run and laying the foundations for the most successful period in the club’s history.

Where is Graham Souness from?

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Graeme Souness/Place of birth

How many red cards does Graham Souness have?

three reds
He’s only been in professional football for three seasons and has already racked up 43 yellow cards and three reds, although the fact that he’s scored about twice as many goals means the managers gagging to woo him from Santos will probably forgive him.

How old is Kenny Dalglish?

70 years (March 4, 1951)
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Did Graeme Souness manage Liverpool?

Souness was appointed Liverpool manager, having signed a five-year contract, on 16 April. Souness took over at Anfield just before Liverpool surrendered their defence of the English league title to Arsenal.

What age is Alex Ferguson?

79 years (December 31, 1941)
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Is Graham Souness married?

Karen Sounessm. 1994
Danielle Wilsonm. 1984–1989
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Who was the dirtiest player in soccer?

Gerardo Bedoya is officially the dirtiest player in football history. The Colombian, who was capped 49 times by his country, boasts a disciplinary record that makes Roy Keane look like an absolute saint. Incredibly, he was sent off 46 times in a 20-year career in South America.

Who signed Jordan Henderson for Liverpool?

A surprise signing by former Liverpool FC manager Kenny Dalglish in June 2011 when he signed from his hometown club Sunderland for £16m, talented midfielder Jordan Henderson assumed the Liverpool captaincy after Steven Gerrard’s departure for America in 2015.

What age is Ian Rush?

60 years (October 20, 1961)
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Who has the most yellow cards in football?

Sergio Ramos
As far as players on the international screen are concerned, the player with the most yellow cards to date is Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid and Spain with a total of 259. Unfortunately for him. When we look at the players with the most red cards issued over the past 20 years, Ramos tops the table again, with 23 cards.

When did Graeme Souness become manager of Rangers?

But, in 1986, it was the day Graeme Souness was appointed manager and Scottish football experienced a sea change. That following 14 years were one of the most successful periods in Rangers’ history, with 12 league titles, 13 domestic cup wins and two trebles.

Where did Graeme Souness start his football career?

As a teenager, Souness played for local boys’ club North Merchiston. Souness’ career began as an apprentice at Tottenham Hotspur under Bill Nicholson. He signed professional forms as a 15-year-old in 1968.

Who is the director of football at Rangers?

At this moment, Rangers director David Holmes was about to embark on putting the Glasgow giants back on the football map.