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How long has just energy been in business?

How long has just energy been in business?

Just Energy

Type Public
Industry Energy Marketing
Founded 1997
Headquarters Mississauga, Ontario, CA, Houston, Texas, USA
Key people Rebecca MacDonald (Executive Chair) R. Scott Gahn (CEO)

Is just energy still in business?

Currently operating in the United States and Canada, Just Energy serves residential and commercial customers.

Who is the owner of Just Energy?

R. Scott Gahn (Aug 5, 2019–)
Just Energy/CEO

How many customers does just energy have in Texas?

Why Choose Just Energy There is a reason why over 1.8 million customers have chosen to do business with us.

Who owns Hudson?

Just Energy
Hudson Energy was acquired by Just Energy for $304 million (USD).

Where is Just Energy head office?

Mississauga, Canada
Just Energy/Headquarters

Where does just energy get its electricity?

Just Energy’s JustGreen Power product makes it possible for you to ensure that the equivalent of up to 100% of your electricity consumption is generated from renewable sources. Although Just Energy’s green energy options are available in most of the markets we serve, they are not yet available in all of our markets.

Does Just Energy have a referral program?

Referring Customers and Referred Customer will automatically receive a one-time bill credit on their next billing statement after Just Energy enrolls a new residential customer (referee) who provides a unique “Referral Code” of the Referring Customer during the enrollment process. The bill credit is non-transferable.

Is Hudson energy part of Shell Energy?

We’re now part of Shell and we’ve changed our name to Shell Energy. We supply 100% renewable electricity as standard*, gas and bespoke low-carbon energy options to businesses across Great Britain. …

How many customers does Hudson Energy have?

The move comes as Shell Energy looks to expand its offer to businesses across Britain it said, including its 100% renewable electricity offering. Hudson Energy’s existing customer contracts – around 200,000 as of 2019 – will not be changed, and their supply will not be interrupted.

Does Just Energy still have perks?

Enjoy greater rewards when you choose Just Energy! Effective immediately, all new enrollments in the Perks Program are suspended. However, existing members continue to earn Perks points.

Is just energy expensive?

Just Energy rates California, Massachusetts and New York rank as some of the most expensive places for electricity, which is why many people in these states turn to companies like Just Energy to help them cut costs. There is also a one-time penalty (not to exceed 5%) on a delinquent bill for electric service.

When did just energy change its name to just energy?

Name change. In 2009, the company undertook a rebranding campaign from Energy Savings Income Fund and U.S. Energy Savings, Ontario Energy Savings, Alberta Energy Savings to Just Energy Income Fund across all of its Canadian and U.S. markets. The company incorporated in 2011 and was renamed Just Energy Group.

When did universal energy become Just Energy Group?

The company incorporated in 2011 and was renamed Just Energy Group. In April 2010, the company expanded its marketing distribution channel and launched a new network marketing arm under the brand, Momentis. The company completed the acquisition of Toronto-based direct energy marketer Universal Energy Corporation on July 1, 2009.

Who is the CEO of just energy company?

In response to criticism, Just Energy’s CEO Ken Hartwick said in an interview with Report on Business magazine in 2013 that Just Energy dropped the savings claim years ago. Hartwick claims the company has taken steps to ensure that consumers know that they are purchasing what equates to an insurance product.

Who are the parent companies of just energy?

Just Energy is the parent company of Amigo Energy, Filter Group Inc., Hudson Energy, Interactive Energy Group, Tara Energy, and terrapass. Just Energy currently serves several markets across North America. Our companies include Amigo Energy, Hudson Energy, Tara Energy and terrapass through which Just Energy operates under in certain markets.