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How do you pronounce Uhane?

How do you pronounce Uhane?

Our Hawaiian word of the week is moe’uhane [moh-eh-oo-hah-ney], meaning dream.

What does HULO mean in Hawaiian?

Esteemed, choice, precious; esteemed older relative, as of parents or grandparents’ generations. (This meaning may be connected with the value attached to featherwork.) He hulu aliʻi, an elderly chief who is loved and esteemed. Nā hulu makaʻainana o nā aliʻi, the most precious of the chiefs’ citizenry. hoʻo.

What does UME UME mean in Hawaiian?

This map of Moku’ume’ume (Ford Island) compiled from maps dated 1873–1915, shows that the island was primarily used for pasture. Moku’ume’ume means “island of ‘ume’ume,” a game that the Hawaiians played. The game began with a gathering of commoners and chiefs around a bonfire on the island.

What does ā mean in Hawaiian?

HAWAIIAN WORD MEANING. ‘a’ā A type of sharp jagged lava rock (in contrast to pāhoehoe) ‘ae. Yes; to say yes.

What does Kalai mean in Hawaiian?

vt., To carve, cut, hew, engrave, hoe; to divide, as land; to shape a canoe or (fig.)

What does Kalani mean in Hawaii?

Kalani. Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: Sea and sky, chief.

What does Kapu mean in Hawaiian?

forbidden, sacred
Kapu means forbidden, sacred or holy. The Kapu system was made for women and mens protection, but also their corrections or rights against each other.

What does Aloha Nui Loa?

Aloha nui loa (“new ee low a”) or “all my love” in Hawaiian.

What does Kina Ole mean in Hawaiian?

Doing the right thing
In operational terms, Kinaʻole means: Doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling – the first time!

What does Akina mean in Hawaiian?

Origin/Meaning: “The gourd.” Akina. Origin/Meaning: A Japanese given name from the Kanjis that means “bright,” “autumn,” “greens,” “name,” and “south.” Lee.

What does Lolo mean in Hawaii?

dumb, goofy or crazy
LOLO (lō-lō) A Hawaiian language word meaning dumb, goofy or crazy.

What is khalani?

Khalani is the language “spoken” (via telepathy) by the protoss. Other races “hearing” Khalani being ‘spoken’ hear meaningless sounds, though protoss possess the ability to translate the language via telepathy. The language’s written form is glyph-based.

What do you do with holy water in Hawaii?

In the name of the Father/Mother of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Hawaiian Aspersion – Is sprinkling water over the head. We do this with Ti leaf and Holy water in a Koa wood bowl. Also referred to as Pi Kai. Consecration and anointing by the Holy Spirit with Hawaiian holy oil inside of Maui cotton in Opihi shell.

Are there any Hawaiian words that translate to English?

HAWAIIAN WORDS; HAWAIIAN TO ENGLISH. Hawaiian1. English. `Ae. Yes. Ahi. Fire. Ahiahi . Evening.

What does Pi kai mean in Hawaiian mythology?

Also referred to as Pi Kai. Consecration and anointing by the Holy Spirit with Hawaiian holy oil inside of Maui cotton in Opihi shell. This particular shell symbolized to hold steadfast to God. A child may also be given a Kukui on a blessed cordage or a baby Kukui lei (lei of light) to protect them in life.

What is the purpose of baptism in Hawaii?

Hawaiian Ceremonies – Ho’ola’a Ceremony. The purpose of the Baptism ritual is for purification. Symbolized through cleansing and the (remission) of sins from above by the Holy Spirit. To be saved and delivered forming a connection with Christ forever in his death, burial and resurrection.