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Does Teen Ink pay writers?

Does Teen Ink pay writers?

Teen Ink has no staff writers; we depend completely on you to send writing, art, and photos. There is no charge to submit or be published. All submissions will be considered for publication in Teen Ink’s print magazine and website.

What does Editors Choice mean on Teen Ink?

When you see this next to the title of a work, you know it’s something special. Our team of editors reads and reviews everything that’s submitted to Teen Ink – and when they see something that really stands out, they mark it as Editor’s Choice.

How many readers does Teen Ink have?

We have no staff writers or artists; we depend completely on submissions from teenagers around the world for our content. has over 460,000 registered users and continues to grow every day.

How do I uninstall Teen Ink?

If you would like us to remove you from our data base, please contact us at [email protected]. We maintain information on members who have been removed for violating Teen Ink’s content guidelines in order to identify repeat offenders.

Does Seventeen magazine accept submissions?

To enter, you’ll need to register on Write the World (it’s free!), where you’ll find the contest guidelines, info on how to submit your work, and helpful tips.

Where is Teen Ink publication based?

Atlanta, Georgia
Teen Ink

The April 2007 cover of Teen Ink
Categories Children’s magazine
Based in Atlanta, Georgia
Language English

Who runs Teen Ink?

the Young Authors Foundation
It is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and published by the Young Authors Foundation, a non-profit organization. The magazine’s name was originally The 21st Century.

Does Seventeen magazine still exist?

Its subscription page on its website states that “Seventeen magazine will no longer be published regularly after the December 2018/January 2019 issue.” And while the website will continue to cover all of the same content, all upcoming special issues will be available on newsstands only.

Does Tiger Beat still exist?

Tiger Beat is an American internet teen fan magazine originally published by The Laufer Company, and marketed primarily to adolescent girls. The magazine had a paper edition which was sold at stores until December 2018….Tiger Beat.

Tiger Beat magazine, first issue
Categories Teen, celebrity
ISSN 0040-7380

What age is Seventeen magazine appropriate for?

IT good for 10 and up please don’t let kids under 9 on here. Seventeen has declined a lot over the years. Still better than Teen Vogue, though.

Do they still make Bop magazine?

Bop was sold by its founders (Julie Jenkins, Teena Naumann, Kerry Laufer and Scott Laufer) to Primedia in 1998. Primedia sold it (along with Tiger Beat) to Scott Laufer in 2003. Bop ceased publication in July 2014.

Is Pop Tiger a real magazine?

Pop Tiger is teen magazine that features Big Time Rush. It appeared in Big Time Sneakers, Big Time Sparks and Big Time Contest. Pop Tiger is a parody of the famous American teen magazine Tiger Beat.