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Are PC Cast and Kristin related?

Are PC Cast and Kristin related?

Phyllis Christine Cast (born April 30, 1960) is an American romance/fantasy author, known for the House of Night series she writes and her daughter Kristin Cast edits, as well as her own Goddess Summoning and Partholon book series. …

How many books will be in the House of Night otherworld series?

4 books
There are 4 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Is Moon chosen a series?

Read the book that started the blockbuster bestselling series by #1 New York Times bestselling author P.C. Cast. #1 New York Times bestselling author P.C. Cast brings us Moon Chosen, a new epic fantasy set in a world where humans, their animal allies, and the earth itself has been drastically changed.

Is there romance in the House of Night series?

A vampire book transcending beyond the typical blood-thirsty creature of the night theme, House of Night is a twelve-book series filled not only with vampires but also romance, action, and the thralls of supernatural teenagedom.

Where was Kristin born?

Tulsa, OK
Kristin Cast/Place of birth

Is there a sequel to Key to fear?

In November of next year, The Key to Fury releases, which is the sequel to The Key to Fear. I’m also working with a different co-author on an #OwnVoices thriller that I’m really excited about. I’ve never been able to tell my personal story and it feels like it’s time.

Does Zoey Redbird get her tattoos back?

Redeemed. At the end of Redeemed, Zoey completes the change and gains new tattoos extending from her crescent in a filigree pattern around her face.

What age are the House of Night books for?

However, a word of warning: although this novel will doubtless appeal to the legions of readers suffering from post-bestselling-fantasy-saga syndrome, this series is more appropriate for the Ages 16-18 bracket.

Is Moon chosen a romance?

Absorbing fantasy romance full of spies and palace intrigue. Unlikely princess turns leader in spiritually tinged tale. Hunger Games, Potter fans will enjoy exciting fantasy.

What genre is Moon chosen?

Fantasy Fiction
Moon Chosen: Tales of a New World/Genres

Does Aphrodite get her Markback?

Now, Aphrodite is pretending to still be a Fledgling, even though she has lost her Mark. She and Zoey speak to Nyx, who assures Aphrodite that she is still loved. The reason she lost her Mark is because her humanity burned it away.

Who does Zoey Redbird end up with in the House of Night series?

Zoey ends up with all of them at the end. Erik is her boyfriend, She reimprints with Heath, and Stark pledges as a warrior to protect her always.

Who is p.c.cast on her own?

She is also the one who is behind the Partholon book series and her own Goddess summoning series. P.C Cast on her own is known for her Partholon Book series and Goddess summoning series.

What kind of books does p.c.cast write?

On her own, P.C. Cast is known for her Goddess Summoning and Partholon book series. Her first book, Goddess by Mistake, originally published in 2001, won the Prism, Holt Medallion, and Laurel Wreath awards, and was a finalist for the National Readers’ Choice Award; her subsequent books have also won a variety of prizes.

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Where was p.c.cast born and raised?

P. C Cast was born 1960 at the Midwest, and grew up settling both in Oklahoma and Illinois. It is in Oklahoma where she fell in love with Mythology and Quarter Horses at the same time.