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Who are the members of the Electroclan?

Who are the members of the Electroclan?

Electroclan Members

  • Michael Vey.
  • Taylor Ridley.
  • Ostin Liss.
  • Jack Vranes.
  • Wade West.
  • Leonard Frank “Zeus” Smith.
  • Ian.
  • McKenna.

Who are the bullies in Michael Vey?

His abilities allow him to shock people through physical contact, much like an electric eel. He manages to remain inconspicuous and “normal” until the high school bullies, Jack, Mitchell and Wade, attack him. Michael loses control and shocks them, all in front of popular cheerleader Taylor Ridley.

What does Taylor from Michael Vey look like?

Appearance. Taylor is described by Michael as beautiful. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

How does Ian see in Michael Vey?

Ian. Power: The ability to see through electrolocation, which is the same way same way sharks and eels see through muddy or murky water. Physical Description: Ian is African-American and the tallest of the electric children.

Is there a Michael Vey movie?

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 (TV Movie) – IMDb.

What time period is Michael Vey in?

2010s. April 2011: Chronologically, the events of Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 take place. Taylor is kidnapped by the Elgen and imprisoned at Elgen Academy, Michael, Ostin, Jack, and Wade go and save her. They manage to shut down the Academy and force Hatch and his Glows into hiding.

What happened to Kylee and Bryan in Michael Vey?

In Rise of the Elgen, Kylee is relocated to Peru with the rest of the Elgen kids. During The Final Spark, Kylee only appears when Hatch introduces her and the other glows to Zara. After this, she and Bryan are never heard from again. Kylee was killed during Michael and Enele Saluni’s attack on the Elgen Kremlin.

Will there be an 8th Michael Vey book?

On December 17, 2020, Richard Paul Evans, the author of the Michael Vey series, confirmed the 8th book in the series titled as: The Forgotten. Evans plans on releasing it fall of next year. …

What is Ostins IQ in Michael Vey?

Ostin Liss is Michael Vey’s best friend and one of the original 3 members of the Electroclan. He is insanely intelligent with an IQ of 155 which puts him at the same level as the average Nobel Prize winner.

Will there be a Michael Vey Book 8?

Is Carl vey alive?

Carl T. Vey is Michael’s father. Everyone thinks he is dead, and Michael remembers that when he was 8 years old he couldn’t control his powers, so he zapped his dad on accident, and he “died”. During the final spark it is revealed that Carl Vey is actually alive.

Is Michael Vey dead?

Despite Michael Vey’s apparent death at the battle of Hades, Michael’s girlfriend, Taylor, seems to be haunted by his ghost. Dr. Hatch is still alive and captures the Electroclan. Austin and Jack escape while the bulk of the Electroclan is interrogated in Elgen-controlled Tuvalu.

Who is the main character in Michael Vey?

Michael Vey is protagonist of the Michael Vey book series. He is the last electric child to be found in the series, and is the leader of the Electroclan. Micheal is notable for his leadership skills, physical prowess, and resilience to torture.

How did Michael Vey get his electrical form?

Electrical “Form” – Late in the second book, Michael was exposed to one of the Elgen power plant’s electric rat grids. The immense source of electricity was absorbed by Michael’s body, drastically increasing his electrical power and giving his body a very bright glow.

What kind of skills does Micheal Vey have?

Micheal is notable for his leadership skills, physical prowess, and resilience to torture. Michael Vey in the Book Trailer for Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere. Contact Shock – This was the first electrical ability Michael ever used, but has since become much stronger.

How did Megan McKenna join the Electroclan?

She join the Electroclan after escaping from the Elgen Academy’s prison known as Purgatory. 2.3 Battle of the Ampere She heats up almost hot enough to blow up the Ampere but the group (Michael, Jack, Taylor, and Ostin) are saved by the rest of the Electroclan.