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When was endcliffe village built?

When was endcliffe village built?

General information about the buildings: The buildings are all of a similar design, and are arranged into flats, and were all constructed in the last 3 years or so. The Endcliffe Village opened in September 2008, and the Ranmoor Village (as far as I’m aware) opened in September 2009.

What is endcliffe?

Endcliffe Hall is a 19th-century, 36-room mansion situated on Endcliffe Vale Road in the City of Sheffield in the suburb of Endcliffe. The present hall was built between the years of 1863 and 1865 by the Sheffield architects Flockton & Abbot for the Sheffield industrialist John Brown.

When was Ranmoor Village built?

Construction of these blocks began in 2006, after the demolition of Sorby Hall and Earnshaw Hall and was completed with the addition of the redevelopment of Ranmoor House, now known as the Ranmoor Village.

What type of accommodation is Allen Court?

Why move when you don’t have to? Allen Court is a modern development located at St. Georges Close, which provides En-suite + and Deluxe +, self-catered accommodation for 989 students in single study bedrooms.

Is the University of Sheffield a campus?

The University of Sheffield is not a campus university, though most of its 430 buildings are located in fairly close proximity to each other. It is divided geographically by the Sheffield Inner Ring Road.

Does Allen Court have a lift?

There is a lift for public use. The lift is located within the courtyard.

Is Sheffield a city or campus?

The University of Sheffield campus is in the heart of the city and has everything you need within walking distance. You’ll find excellent facilities, study areas and the number 1 Students’ Union in the country.

How many students are at Sheffield University?

27,947 (2016)
The University of Sheffield/Total enrollment

What rank is Sheffield University?

The University is ranked 110th in the world and 13th in the UK according to the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. We’re 22nd out of 250 universities in Europe in the first international ranking to measure the quality of teaching across the world, the Europe Teaching Rankings.

How many students are in Sheffield?


Measure Statistic
Measure Date originally founded Statistic 1879 (Firth College)
Measure Date of University Charter Statistic 1905 (University of Sheffield)
Measure Number of academic departments Statistic 55
Measure Total number of students 2018-19 Statistic 29,666

What rank is University of Sheffield?

How many undergraduates are at Sheffield?

University of Sheffield

Coat of arms
Motto Latin: Rerum cognoscere causas
Students 30,055 (2019/20)
Undergraduates 19,100 (2019/20)
Postgraduates 10,955 (2019/20)

Where is the Endcliffe Student Village in Sheffield?

Endcliffe Student Village. Ranmoor/Endcliffe is a development of student accommodation for the University of Sheffield, located in Endcliffe in west Sheffield between Fulwood Road, Endcliffe Vale Road and Westbourne Road.

Is the Endcliffe Student hut a good place to live?

The rooms are standard sized and are comfortable and overall for student accommodation there are few faults and many benefits of living in Endcliffe accommodation. Great accommodation, decent sized rooms and very big kitchen. Good ensuite and everything feels up to date.

Which is the biggest student residence village in Sheffield?

The bedrooms and kitchens are good sizes and the communal areas are cleaned regularly. Endcliffe Village is University of Sheffield’s biggest student residence village. Depending on which part of Endcliffe you live in your walk to the SU and the surrounding buildings may vary with the average walking time being around 25 minutes.

How many students live in Ranmoor Endcliffe Sheffield?

Ranmoor/Endcliffe is the biggest student community in Sheffield, with 4,500 students living in a safe and friendly environment. There are a variety of things to do both on-site and in the area, from trendy cafes in Broomhill to the beautiful Peak District.