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When did the TV show Divorce Court start?

When did the TV show Divorce Court start?

Divorce Court is an American court show that revolves around settling the disputes of couples going through divorces. The current edition of Divorce Court premiered on September 13, 1999, is conducted as a court show.

Is the judgment date the correct date of divorce?

Generally, the judgment date, which is the date the court ruled on and issued the divorce, is the date of your divorce. However, there are other circumstances where you may need to provide the date either you or your former spouse filed for divorce. In some states, the date you and your spouse separated from each other is important.

Who was the first female judge on Divorce Court?

When the current version of Divorce Court was resurrected for a 17th season in the fall of 1999, former Los Angeles Prosecuting Attorney Mablean Ephriam was featured as the show’s presiding judge. Notable in her judgeship over the series, Ephriam was the show’s first African American and first female jurist.

Which is the longest running divorce court show?

Divorce Court holds the record for the longest-running court show of all time, leading the second-place show The People’s Court by 2 years.

Who is the current judge on Divorce Court?

The current edition of Divorce Court premiered in September 1999, is conducted as an arbitration-based reality court show, and is presided over by Lynn Toler, a former municipal court judge from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The series is currently produced by Lincolnwood Drive, and distributed by Fox First Run.

Who is the current announcer for divorce court?

Tutor was succeeded by Talon Beeson in 2012, who lasted 2 seasons (2012-2014). As of the 2014-2015 season, Rolonda Watts (who was formerly with Judge Joe Brown from 2005 until 2013) is the show’s current announcer. The show was previously recorded at Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles.

How long does it take to file for divorce after receiving notice?

The petition to the court is the official notice that one of you intends to dissolve the marriage. After receiving notice of the divorce petition, the other spouse then has a period of time to file an official response with the court. The time period varies by state law but is commonly 30 days.