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What is ONEW known for?

What is ONEW known for?

Onew is one of the main vocalists of Shinee and is known for his distinctively unique vocal color and for his calm and understated voice, providing the strong vocal foundation of the group with fellow members Taemin and Jonghyun. In June 2014, Onew underwent a vocal cord polyp removal and vocal fold mucosa …

Is Psy a KPOP Idol?

Although his music is part of the K-pop (Korean popular music) genre, Beth Hong from The Vancouver Observer noted that Psy doesn’t fit the standard K-pop idol image of being “incredibly young, good-looking, and able to carry a melodramatic note”.

Who wrote Gangnam Style?

Yoo Gun-hyung
Gangnam Style/Composers

Did shinhwa disband?

The group never officially disbanded but went on hiatus in 2006, reuniting in 2014 to release album, “Chapter 8”, followed by a concert tour celebrating its 15th anniversary.

How did ONEW get his name?

SHINee’s Onew Onew (real name Jin-ki) is actually a nickname given to the SHINee leader because the word means “soft and gentle,” and seeing as how Onew is most certainly a gentle and caring person, he decided to adopt it as his stage name.

What is Key’s real name SHINee?

Kim Ki-bum
Key/Full name

What is black card in Korea?

The Black Card, in simpler terms, is the biggest flex for a K-pop star. Only the rarest of the rare get a chance to have them. It’s a type of luxury credit card that has no upper limit of expenses. They can literally skyrocket for all anyone cares. It’s also a symbol of a lavish lifestyle and the ultra-rich.

Who is in P nation?

P Nation Loud is a pre-debut male training team formed on August 15, 2021 under P Nation. The group were formed under SBS audition show “Loud”. The trainee lineup consists of 7 members: Woo KyungJun, Choi TaeHun, Jang HyunSoo, Cheon Junhyeok, EunHwi, Oh Sungjun and Tanaka Koki.

What does Psy stand for?


Acronym Definition
PSY Psychiatry
PSY Psychic
PSY Psychometrics (Henderson, NV)
PSY Please Stop Yelling

What does Gangnam mean in English?

south of the river
Gangnam means “south of the river”–in this case, south of the Han river. Gangnam is also one of the richest and most glamorous places in Seoul.

What is the 7 year curse in K-pop?

Of course, there are also cases where the idols and the agency cannot agree on a new contract. Then the end of the group is usually sealed, because it is difficult to continue with the complete group at a new agency. So basically, the 7 year curse is about whether groups renew their contracts or disband.

Is apink disband?

On April 29, 2021, Play M Entertainment announced that member Naeun decided to not renew her contract with the company, while the other five members renewed with the agency. With the change of agency, the group will not be disbanded and remains as six-member group.

Who was Sun Wu and what did Sun Bin write?

Traditional accounts state that the general’s descendant Sun Bin wrote a treatise on military tactics, also titled The Art of War. Since Sun Wu and Sun Bin were referred to as Sun Tzu in classical Chinese texts, some historians believed them identical, prior to the rediscovery of Sun Bin’s treatise in 1972.

When was the art of war written by Sunzi?

It is hard to know exactly when The Art of War was written, but most scholars think it was written between 475 and 221 B.C.E., during the Warring States period. Scholars also cannot be sure about the details of the life of its author, Sunzi, but they believe he was a general working for the Wu state.

Is it true that Sun Tzu wrote the Sima?

The use of the strips in other works however, such as The Methods of the Sima is considered proof of Sun Tzu’s historical priority. According to Ralph Sawyer, it is very likely Sun Tzu did exist and not only served as a general but also wrote the core of the book that bears his name.

Who was the first emperor to read Sun Tzu’s art of war?

Sun Tzu’s Art of War has influenced many notable figures. The Chinese historian Sima Qian recounted that China’s first historical emperor, Qin’s Shi Huangdi, considered the book invaluable in ending the time of the Warring States.