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What does the term aliquot mean?

What does the term aliquot mean?

Definition of aliquot 1 : contained an exact number of times in something else —used of a divisor or part 5 is an aliquot part of 15. an aliquot portion of a solution. 2 : fractional an aliquot part of invested capital.

What does aliquot mean in lab?

Aliquot means to separate a portion of the serum or plasma and place in a separate tube. There is no gel separator to separate the serum/plasma from the cells c. Stability requires this done before transporting to the laboratory.

What is an example of an aliquot?

An example of something aliquot is the number 2 to the number 6. Aliquot means a part of a chemical or medicine, or a number that evenly divides another number. An example of an aliquot is a portion of DayQuil. An example of an aliquot is the number 4 to the number 16.

What do you mean by aliquot and dilution?

An aliquot factor is defined as a part of a whole amount. The aliquot method is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where a larger amount is divided into smaller amount. Dilution factor is the total volume of a solution per aliquot volume.

What is an aliquot of a sample quizlet?

Aliquot. A portion of well mixed sample removed for testing. Anticoagulant. Chemicals added to a blood sample after collection to prevent clotting.

What is aliquots in microbiology?

A representative sample of a fixed proportion. Thus 50 µl from a 25 ml solution represents 1/500 of the total.

What is an aliquot survey?

Aliquot part means a fractional part of a section within the United States public land survey system. Only the fractional parts one-half, one-quarter, one-half of one-quarter, or one-quarter of one-quarter shall be considered an aliquot part of a section.

What is aliquot in microbiology?

What is a dilution factor quizlet?

The dilution factor is the final volume divided by the aliquot volume: 10mL/0.1mL = 100 -> 1:100 dilution (10^2) 1.

Which is an example of an aliquot in chemistry?

An aliquot is a type of sub-sample that is taken or extracted from an original sample. If we think of fractions, we can compare aliquots to the concept of part and whole. That is, an aliquot is the fractional part of an entire whole sample. For example, let’s say we have a 20ml solution of salt water (NaCl)…

What is the legal definition of an aliquot?

Legal Definition of aliquot : of, relating to, or being a fraction or percentage of a whole may deduct an aliquot part of the cost — D. Q. Posin History and Etymology for aliquot Medieval Latin aliquotus contained an exact number of times in something else, from Latin aliquot some, several

What kind of sample is an aliquot of?

In chemistry, the aliquot can be of a liquid, solid or gaseous material. The technique to extract these “mini” samples will depend on the characteristics of the study; some may be very small, and some may be large.

What is the purpose of the aliquot technique?

In the compound and pharmaceutical enterprises, the aliquot technique alludes to allotting a modest quantity of a substance or medication by splitting or weakening, a more significant sum.