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What does Mr Rochester ask Jane to do?

What does Mr Rochester ask Jane to do?

After a blissful two weeks, Jane encounters Rochester in the gardens. He invites her to walk with him, and Jane, caught off guard, accepts. Rochester confides that he has finally decided to marry Blanche Ingram and tells Jane that he knows of an available governess position in Ireland that she could take.

Why does St John allow himself to discuss his love for Rosamond with Jane?

Why does St. John allow himself to discuss his love for Rosamond with Jane? Because Jane keeps directly addressing his love for her and to release a little bit of his pain.

What happened Rosamond Oliver?

Rosamond Oliver Rosamond gives money to the school in Morton where Jane works. Although she is in love with St. John, she becomes engaged to the wealthy Mr. Granby.

Who is in love with Rosamond?

St John loves Miss Rosamund but will not marry her, as he believes she will not make a good missionary’s wife. St John isolates himself from Miss Rosamund by being cold-hearted and distant. He does this, as he believes God has called him to become a missionary.

What does Mr. Rochester ask Jane to do in the other room Chapter 13?

Rochester has been asking about her: especially what she looks like. In the early evening, Mr. Rochester invites Jane and Adèle to have tea with him. Jane changes into her second-best dress, which is almost as plain as her regular dress, and puts on her only piece of jewelry, a simple pearl pin.

What does Rochester request that Jane does for him the night before his wedding?

Jane is also troubled when her former guardian, Mrs. When Jane returns from this visit, Rochester asks her to marry him and Jane joyfully assents. The night before their wedding, she wakes to find someone in her room, wearing her wedding veil. She screams and runs, but Rochester convinces her it is her imagination.

What does Jane learn about herself and relation to St John Mary and Diana?

John tells his sisters that their Uncle John has died and left them nothing, because all his money went to another, unknown, relative. Jane learns that it was Uncle John who led Mr. Rivers into his disastrous business deal.

What does Jane perceive when she and St John talk to Miss Oliver in this chapter?

What does Jane think of Miss Oliver? Jane decides that she is “coquettish, but not heartless; exacting, but not worthlessly selfish” (3.6. 7)—which means that she’s a little bit superficial and demanding, but not a bad person. Jane thinks she’s a bit like Adèle (but older, of course).

WHO suggests that Jane attend school?

Thornfield Hall. After six years as a student and two as a teacher at Lowood, Jane decides to leave in pursuit of a new life, growing bored of her life at Lowood. Her friend and confidante, Miss Temple, also leaves after getting married. Jane advertises her services as a governess in a newspaper.

How does Jane Eyre feel about Bessie?

Bessie is Jane’s childhood nursemaid; she’s not exactly perfect, because she has a hot temper and behaves pretty inconsistently to Jane (sometimes bringing her treats, sometimes punishing her for nothing at all with a smack, sometimes forgetting her completely for a bit), but she’s the closest thing Jane has to a …

Who sets fire in Rochester’s bedroom?

Bertha sneaks past a drunk Grace Poole and sets fire to Rochester’s bed in the middle of the night.

What does Mr. Rochester call Jane?

Mr. Rochester actually has numerous pet names for Jane; he calls her “malicious elf,” “child,” “sprite,” “provoking puppet,” “witch,” “skylark,” and various other names depending on the mood he’s in.