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What did the Argonauts do?

What did the Argonauts do?

Argonaut, in Greek legend, any of a band of 50 heroes who went with Jason in the ship Argo to fetch the Golden Fleece. Pelias promised to surrender his kingship to Jason if the latter would retrieve the Golden Fleece from Colchis. …

What does a person who is called an Argonaut do?

Definition of argonaut 1a capitalized : any of a band of heroes sailing with Jason in quest of the Golden Fleece. b : an adventurer engaged in a quest.

What did Jason and the Argonauts do?

The pan-Hellenic mythological hero Jason was famed for his expedition with the Argonauts – as the sailors on their ship the Argo were known – in search of the Golden Fleece in Kolchis on the Black Sea, one of the most popular and enduring legends of Greek mythology.

What is the lesson of Jason and the Golden Fleece?

Jason and the Golden Fleece is an epic about a young man who goes on an adventure. He fights strange and terrible enemies, makes allies and adversaries, and returns with the prize. During his journey he learns both humility and compassion, he also learns to respect and fear the gods.

What happened to the Argonauts?

While nearing the deserted island of Ares, the Argonauts were suddenly attacked by the Stymphalian Birds which had lethal, bronze-tipped feathers. Being the sacred birds of the God of War, the Birds could only be driven away, not killed.

Who built the Argonaut?

Argus was commissioned to build the Argo by King Pelias (ruler of Iolcus) so that the crew that would come to be known as the Argonauts could find and bring the Golden Fleece back to Iolcus, which was in Thessaly.

What is the Argonaut skill?

Argonaut. ( 英雄願望 アルゴノゥト ) Bell Cranel. Allows a charge for a counterattack. It requires four minutes (formerly three) for a full charge and can either sound like a small chime or a grand bell depending on the power needed.

Does Argonaut mean hero?

The Argonauts (/ˈɑːrɡənɔːt/; Ancient Greek: Ἀργοναῦται, Argonautai, ‘Argo sailors’) were a band of heroes in Greek mythology, who in the years before the Trojan War (around 1300 BC) accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

What happened to Jason and the Argonauts?

As a result of breaking his vow to love Medea forever, Jason lost his favor with Hera and died lonely and unhappy. He was asleep under the stern of the rotting Argo when it fell on him, killing him instantly.

What is Jason and the Argonauts based on?

Jason and the Argonauts (1963 film)

Jason and the Argonauts
Screenplay by Beverley Cross Jan Read
Based on The Argonautica 3rd century BC by Apollonius Rhodius
Produced by Charles H. Schneer
Starring Todd Armstrong Nancy Kovack Honor Blackman Gary Raymond

Are Argonauts real?

Modern findings suggest that the real Jason was an ancient Greek mariner who led a crew of courageous mariners nearly 2000 miles to the far eastern shore of the Black Sea in search of trade – an audacious voyage into the unknown in nothing more than a small open ship.

What is the Argonauts first adventure?

The Argonauts’ first adventure happened on Lemnos, an island populated only by women. As a result of a dispute between husbands and wives, the women had killed all the men. The women received the Argonauts with great hospitality, and the heroes began to forget their quest; however, one of the Argonauts stood firm.

What does the Argonaut mean in classical mythology?

Classical Mythology. a member of the band of men who sailed to Colchis with Jason in the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece. (sometimes lowercase) a person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding; adventurer.

What is Argonaut Project?

– 3 -. What is the Argonaut Project? The Argonaut Project is an implementation community comprising leading technology vendors and provider organizations to accelerate the use of FHIR and OAuth in health care information exchange.

What kind of sea monster is an Argonaut?

An argonaut sea monster An argonaut is also a type of cephalopod like an octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus, sometimes called a paper nautilus. Below is an illustration of “The argonaut retired within its shell” and next to that is a beautiful photo showing how the argonaut is like an undersea chameleon.

Who was the Argonaut in the Gold Rush?

Classical Mythology. a member of the band of men who sailed to Colchis with Jason in the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece. (sometimes lowercase) a person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding; adventurer. a person who moved to California during the gold rush of 1849.