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What did Christopher Hitchens die of?

What did Christopher Hitchens die of?

Christopher Hitchens, who died in December 2011 from complications related to esophageal cancer, was a columnist for Vanity Fair, and the author of Hitch-22 and God Is Not Great.

Who is Christopher Hitchens wife?

Carol Bluem. 1991–2011
Eleni Meleagroum. 1981–1989
Christopher Hitchens/Wife

Where is Christopher Hitchens from?

Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Christopher Hitchens/Place of birth

Where did Christopher Hitchens go to college?

University of Oxford
Balliol College
Christopher Hitchens/College

What degree did Christopher Hitchens get?

The Leys School
University of OxfordBalliol College
Christopher Hitchens/Education

Where did Christopher Hitchens go to university?

How old is Christopher Hitchens?

62 years (1949–2011)
Christopher Hitchens/Age at death

Who were Christopher Hitchens parents?

Yvonne Jean Hitchens
Eric Ernest Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens/Parents
Hitchens was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, the elder of two boys; his brother, Peter, became a socially conservative journalist. Their parents, Eric Ernest Hitchens (1909–1987) and Yvonne Jean Hitchens (née Hickman; 1921–1973), met in Scotland when serving in the Royal Navy during World War II.

What happened Christopher Hitchens?

Hitchens died of pneumonia on 15 December 2011 in the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, aged 62. Mortality, a collection of seven of Hitchens’s Vanity Fair essays about his illness, was published posthumously in September 2012.

How old is Peter Hitchens?

70 years (October 28, 1951)
Peter Hitchens/Age

What happened to Christopher Hitchens?

Was Peter Hitchens a communist?

Previously a socialist and supporter of the Labour Party, Hitchens became more conservative during the 1990s. He joined the Conservative Party in 1997 and left in 2003, and has since been deeply critical of them and opposed many of their policies.