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What color does M9 paper turn?

What color does M9 paper turn?

Chemical Agent Detector Paper, M9 is the most widely used method of detecting liquid chemical agents. M9 Paper reacts to chemical agents by turning a red or reddish brown color.

What is M8 and M9 paper?

Chemical Agent Detection Papers (M8, M9 and 3-Way) are indicating papers designed to detect and differentiate between the three major groups of liquid chemical warfare agents (G, V, and H) in liquid form. Detector papers contain a dye that produces a color change when in contact with liquid chemical agent.

Can a white light be used to read M9 paper?

Night operations present some problems when using M9 Paper. Color changes will not show up when a flashlight with a red filter is used to read the paper. White light must be used. This could cause some serious OPSEC problems, especially for frontline troops.

When to use M8 or M9 detector paper?

The M8 paper may indicate positive results if used in an area where decontaminants have been used. This objective will address how to detect chemical agents using M9 detector paper. CAUTION: Leave at least one inch of overlap when placing paper on MOPP gear to minimize the difficulties experienced while conducting MOPP gear exchange.

What causes the M9 detector to change color?

When attached to equipment, it must be placed in an area free from dirt, grease, and oil. This is especially important since petroleum products and DS2 also cause the paper to change color. M9 Paper is especially useful in detecting on-target attacks and keeping soldiers from entering contaminated areas.

How does M9 react to a chemical agent?

M9 Paper reacts to chemical agents by turning a red or reddish brown color. Place the M9 detector paper to opposite sides of the body. If you are right handed, place a strip of M9 paper around your right upper arm, left wrist, and right ankle.