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Should I kill Bob Fable 2?

Should I kill Bob Fable 2?

The Commandant hands you a Cutlass, and you have the choice to kill Bob, not do anything, or attack the Commandant himself (which won’t yield any damage, but instead will trigger another Experience sap from the Hero). If you refuse to kill Bob, the Commandant will kill him himself.

How do you kill the commandant in Fable 2?

There Garth is hit with a blast of lightning and The Hero fights The Commandant, letting out large amounts of exp. every time the Hero hits him (which the Hero can’t pick up unless there is extra). After killing him, Garth absorbs all of the exp and regains all of his lost abilities.

Do fines go away Fable?

Once the Hero becomes Queen or King of Albion, the guards will ignore all crimes committed by her/him although they will make comments about it. The Hero will never be presented with fines again nor will be required to perform community service.

Did Reaver kill Garth?

Fable: Edge of the World Garth reveals Reaver did indeed try to kill him, but failed. He further trains the Hero in Will and offers his assistance in defeating the Empress. While the King attempts to sneak into the city and personally capture the Empress, Garth leads Albion’s army in an assault on the city.

What happens if you feed the prisoners in the Spire Fable 2?

When he’s gone you have the option of feeding the prisoners—by pulling the levers in front of their cages—or letting them starve. Feeding them earns you good points but will cost you experience points. Just as before, you will lose 1,600, 2,400 and 4,000 for each pull of a switch.

What happens if you disobey in the spire Fable 2?

Refuse and you’ll lose some experience—at first roughly 1,600 experience, 2,400 experience the second time, 4,000 experience the third and final time you refuse. If you choose to go into the highlighted circle, you will have the choice of thanking the Commandant or giving him the finger.

How do you get skinny in Fable 2?

Open up the menu screen and go into your inventory. You should find the celery in the “Food and Potions” category. Keep selecting it to eat it all up, one by one. Every time you eat one celery, you will get thinner by five points.

How is Theresa still alive?

Jack slits Scarlet’s throat, and the power of her blood absorbs into the sword as she takes her final breath. This causes the Hero of Oakvale and Jack of Blades to fight to the death while Theresa remains unconscious on the ground. The Hero of Oakvale emerges victorious over Jack and avenges his family by slaying him.

What happens if you marry Lady GREY?

If you choose to marry Lady Grey in Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you will receive a dowry of 15,000 gold: the largest marriage dowry in the game. Because she will not follow the hero outside of Bowerstone in the original game, it is generally considered impossible to kill her.

What happened to the spire after Fable 2?

The Spire has lost much of its former height since the defeat of Lucien, rendering it incomplete once more, but most of the structure still remains. It seems that Theresa made the Spire her permanent home, as she introduces herself as Theresa, Seer of the Spire.

Should I feed the prisoners in the Spire Fable 2?

You can choose to either feed the prisoners or let them starve. The choice is yours. Feeding them will give you +30 good morality points per prisoner, but you will lose any unused experience. Letting them starve will net you +30 evil morality points per prisoner.

How do you stop being fat in Fable 2?

What happens when you die in Fable 2?

For you see, whenever you “die” in Fable, you merely collapse to the ground, only to be magically resurrected mere moments later. The only consequences are a slight loss of experience points (generally an inconsequential amount, unless you’re dying all the time) and an added scar to your face.

Can You unsubscribe to Fable 2 at any time?

You may unsubscribe at any time. Fable 2 is all about choices. Almost everything you do has some effect on your surroundings, whether it’s deciding to help a local drunk get his booze back or passing gas next to a potential mate (generally not a good idea…both in Fable and real life).

How does everything you do affect your journey in Fable?

Almost everything you do has some effect on your surroundings, whether it’s deciding to help a local drunk get his booze back or passing gas next to a potential mate (generally not a good idea…both in Fable and real life). The choices you make will all impact your journey, to some degree or another.

Where do you get money in Fable The Lost Chapters?

Go do the quest to lead the traders out of darkwood. Then get to Oakvale and use the money earned and buy as many perfumes as you can. Buy, sell, buy, sell over and over and you will get tons of money at the start of the game. We all know you cant kill Lady Grey yourself, but you can get some help.