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How old is Papa Acachalla?

How old is Papa Acachalla?

Abilities. Papa Acachalla is seemingly immortal, having lived over 2,000 years and being able to come Back from the Dead. Acachalla has a huge arsenal of weaponry, not one to be anchored to one weapon like Gertrude.

Who is Billy Acachalla?

Billy Smigglebug (adoptive name Acachalla) is a character played HomelessGoomba. He is the biological son of John Smigglebug, the adopted son of Papa Acachalla and Gertrude, and brother of Sally Acachalla, Sue Acachalla, Spencer and Yakface, as well as the possibly brainwashed henchmen of Darth Calculus.

Who is Johnny ghost?

Johnny Ghost is an American paranormal investigator and the co-creator of the Paranormal Investigator Extraordinaire (or P.I.E for short) with his lifelong friend (and company owner) Johnny Toast.

Who is Johnny toast?

Jonathan Maxwell-Bartholomew “Johnny” Toast, Junior is a British paranormal investigator and the co-founder, partner and leader of Johnny Ghost’s Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire and a recruit of Paranormal Investigators Gourmet. He is also the owner of most incarnations of the Ghostmobile.

Is Johnny ghost Jimmy casket?

It is stated by Jordan in the first-ever appearance of Johnny Ghost that his full name is Jonathan Ghost. 18 (Garry’s Mod) Venturian confirmed Johnny Ghost, Gregory, and Jimmy Casket are all the same person.

Who is Jimmy casket?

Jimmy “Jimbo” Casket is played by Jordan Frye and is the tertiary antagonist of VenturianTale. He is a psychopathic and murderous entity capable of possessing people, and most commonly takes possession of Johnny Ghost. Jimmy is self-proclaimed to be the world’s most renowned murderer.

What is Jimmy casket’s secret?

His most notable secrets are that he doesn’t know how to read, and that his mother was a man. Jimmy was the victor of the 2014 Character Tournament.

What happened VenturianTale Bethany?

Name. Bethany didn’t have a username when she joined VenturianTale, but before, her username was Bethy218. Her original YouTube username was xXBethanyFyeXx and Bethy218, which have since become inactive. Bethany now has a new channel called Flying Pings, which she created in June 2017.

Does VenturianTale swear?

The channel is directed mainly for kids and is one of only a few channels that does not contain swearing.

Who is VenturianTale married to?

Personal Life. Jordan’s wife is Jessica Ott. The couple announced on Twitter and Instagram that they got married on October 29, 2019. As part of their wedding, they posted a couple of vlogs, as well as Q&A sessions on the VenturianTale YouTube channel.

How old is Cierra Frye?

27 years (May 27, 1994)
Cierra Frye/Age

How old is Jordan from VenturianTale?

age 30
Jordan Frye (born: February 3, 1991 (1991-02-03) [age 30]), better known online as VenturianTale, is an American gaming YouTuber who is best known for playing with his siblings to form a gaming crew.

Where does Papa acachalla go to watch the game?

Papa Acachalla always wants to watch the game but is always interrupted. Papa’s Secret Living Room – Papa goes into his secret living room so he can watch the game in peace. It comes with a TV, Couch, Mini Fridge, a Computer desk, and an entrance to the basement.

Why is acachalla’s house not a normal house?

It isn’t a normal house because crazy things happen every single day. Even after its temporary abandonment, many characters often visit it for various reasons. It seems that the Acachallas have moved back in since then, though Spencer no longer lives there. The mod for the house map is here . Kitchen – The room where most events go down. It’s where

Where does Sally sleep in the acachalla house?

Workout Room – Where the Acachalla family exercise, has weights. Sally’s Treehouse – Sally’s Treehouse is where Sally has her club, Papa Acachalla said that he would install a laundry room in it for Sally’s Birthday, but that didn’t happen. Sally’s Bedroom – Sally’s room where she sleeps and possibly keeps a secret stash of waffles.

Who is Papa acachalla in Garry’s mod?

He launched his famous YouTube channel in early 2013. Though he played numerous characters in many different VenturianTale games, he is perhaps most famous for portraying Papa Acachalla in the game Garry’s Mod. He founded VenturianTale with his sisters, Bethany and Cierra, and his brother Isaac . He married Jessica Ott in October 2019.