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How many amps is 60 milliamps mA?

How many amps is 60 milliamps mA?

Milliampere to Ampere Conversion Table

Milliamperes Amperes
60 mA 0.06 A
70 mA 0.07 A
80 mA 0.08 A
90 mA 0.09 A

What does mA mean in electricity?

Glossary Term: mA. Definition. Milliampere, or milliamp: 1/1000 of an Ampere. Ampere is the basic unit for measuring electrical current.

What is mA amps?

Definition: A milliampere (symbol: mA) is a submultiple of the SI base unit of electrical current, the ampere. It is defined as one thousandth of an ampere. History/origin: The milliampere has its origins in the ampere. The prefix “milli” indicates one thousandth of the base unit it precedes, in this case the ampere.

What is 700mA to Watts?

These generalizations have led to many believing that 1-watt, 3-watt and 5-watt LEDs are different LEDs; it has also led to the belief that 350mA is always equal to 1-watt, 700mA is equal to 3-watts and 1000mA is equal to 5-watts.

Is 2000mA the same as 2 amps?

3 Answers. 2000mA is 2A. There is no way to get 2.1A from it at the rated specs. And you can’t get 1A and 2A from it either, as that would require 3A total.

How do you convert Henry to Milli?

Please provide values below to convert millihenry [mH] to henry [H], or vice versa….Millihenry to Henry Conversion Table.

Millihenry [mH] Henry [H]
1 mH 0.001 H
2 mH 0.002 H
3 mH 0.003 H
5 mH 0.005 H

How many milliamps is 5 volts?

E stands for volts, I stands for amps, and R stands for resistance

If your control circuit is using a 500Ω resistor:
mA Amps x Resistance Volts
4 0.004 x 500Ω 2
5 0.005 x 500Ω 2.5
6 0.006 x 500Ω 3

How do I calculate current mA?

A milliamp is one one-thousandth of an amp. By calculating the value in amps and dividing by one thousand, you will have a value of current in milliamps.

How do you read A mA?

The prefix “milli” refers to one-thousandth and has the symbol m. So 35 mA is 35 milliamps or 35-thousandths of an amp. “Kilo” refers to thousands and has the symbol k. So 50 kΩ is 50 thousand ohms or 50 kiloohms.

How many mA is a watt?

The answer is one Milliampere is equal to 0.001 Watt/Volt.

How many milliamps are in a Volt?

The answer is one Watt/Volt is equal to 1000 Milliamperes. Feel free to use our online unit conversion calculator to convert the unit from Watt/Volt to Milliampere. Just simply enter value 1 in Agate Line and see the result in Milliampere.

How do you convert mA to mA?

To convert a milliampere measurement to a megaampere measurement, divide the electric current by the conversion ratio. The electric current in megaamperes is equal to the milliamperes divided by 1,000,000,000.

What does mA + 60 in MA degree mean?

MA +60 means that, most likely, the person qualifying for this category has two Master’s Degrees, as 60 units is usually required for a Master’s Degree.

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Which is the correct spelling Ma or Ma?

›› Measurement unit: mA. Full name: milliampere. Plural form: milliamperes. Symbol: mA. Alternate spelling: milliamps. Category type: electric current. Scale factor: 0.001.

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