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How do you describe machinery?

How do you describe machinery?

Machinery refers to specific machines or machines in general. You can refer to a group of machines as machinery, such as the machinery in a factory or the machinery in a laboratory. It’s also the inner workings of a particular machine, like the machinery that keeps your computer running.

What is the description of machines?

A machine is any physical system with ordered structural and functional properties. It may represent human-made or naturally occurring device molecular machine that uses power to apply forces and control movement to perform an action.

What is the adjective of machinery?

machinal. Of, or pertaining to machines. In the manner or style of a machine.

What type of word is machinery?

The machines constituting a production apparatus, in a plant etc., collectively. The working parts of a machine as a group.

Can we say machineries?

Machinery is an uncountable noun. Don’t say ‘machineries’ or ‘a machinery’. You can talk about a piece of machinery.

How do you describe equipment?

Equipment most commonly refers to a set of tools or other objects commonly used to achieve a particular objective.

What is machine simple words?

A machine is an object created by humans or nature to perform certain functions. It is a tool or invention. Often a machine will change one form of energy to another form of energy. Simple machines increase or change the direction of a force.

What is the verb of machine?

machined; machining. Definition of machine (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to process by or as if by machine especially : to reduce or finish by or as if by turning, shaping, planing, or milling by machine-operated tools.

What is the best definition of a machine?

machine. / (məˈʃiːn) / noun. an assembly of interconnected components arranged to transmit or modify force in order to perform useful work. Also called: simple machine a device for altering the magnitude or direction of a force, esp a lever, screw, wedge, or pulley.

How do you use machinery in a sentence?

Machinery sentence example

  1. I used machinery to cut the pieces.
  2. With money, you can buy machinery or hire workers to do your work.
  3. But the rumble of the machinery made me think it was thundering, and I began to cry, because I feared if it rained we should not be able to have our picnic out of doors.

What is machinery manuals?

Manual machines are pieces of equipment or tools in the machine & fabrication shop that are operated by hand; by pressing buttons, rotating knobs, squeezing triggers, or many more functions. These machines require no computer control but rather, rely on the skill and the intellect of the operator.

How would you describe a time machine?

The work is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle or device to travel purposely and selectively forward or backward through time. The term “time machine”, coined by Wells, is now almost universally used to refer to such a vehicle or device.

Which is the best description of a British machine?

British an all-singing, all-dancing system or piece of equipment is very advanced and able to do everything you want it to science using signals or information represented by continuously changing quantities of space, electrical current etc an automatic machine or process works by itself rather than being operated by people

What kind of machine is used to cut wood?

Cross-cutting: To cut wood across the grain. The circular saw is frequently used for cross-cutting. Debarker: A machine used to remove bark from logs. Diffuse-porous: A term used to describe hardwoods with evenly distributed pores of uniform size.

Which is the most common piece of electronic equipment?

Some most commonly used electronic equipment are listed below so that you can pick one and develop your own cue card. A computer. A laptop. A printer. A scanner. A vacuum cleaner. A washing machine. An electric razor. A table lamp. A hairdryer.

What kind of equipment is used in the modern age?

In the modern age, different tools and equipment are used now for housework. There are several types of electric machines available to complete the household chores. For example, to clean the floor, people use vacuum cleaner which absorbs all the dirt and other unwanted particles inside its container.