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How do I sign up for Gyazo for free?

How do I sign up for Gyazo for free?

Before you can sign up, you’ll need to download the free app and follow the steps below. Install then launch the app to take your first screenshot. It will upload and open a page automatically. On that page click the Gyazo icon to see a sign up link. You can create account here to authorize with 3rd party applications.

What happens when I downgrade from Gyazo pro?

You can cancel your Gyazo Pro subscription by going to your settings page >Update card >Downgrade. If you cancel your Gyazo Pro subscription you can still use it for the time remaining in the current subscription period. What happens to my captures when I downgrade from Gyazo Pro?

How does Gyazo work on my Android phone?

Gyazo for Android is a simple way to snap photos and share anywhere. Take a new photo or image from your library to upload and get a new link. Sharing is easy: go to any app then tap and hold to paste. You can also upload screenshots taken on your phone from your library.

How to screenshot, share, and bookmark on Gyazo?

Welcome to the easiest way to screenshot, share, and bookmark. 1 Launch the Gyazo app. 2 Click and drag your mouse to select what you want. 3 Release the mouse and Gyazo instantly uploads your image with a unique link. 4 To share an image, simply send the link to people you want to see it.

How many people use Gyazo in a month?

From eSports to enterprise, Gyazo is chosen for its simplicity, security, and speed. Join over 2 million people using Gyazo every month.

Where do I Find my captures on Gyazo?

Log in and go to your captures page – Scroll down and click the link in the bottom left corner. That’s it. Now you can access, edit, and capture more with Gyazo Pro. This offer won’t be available forever so jump on it now!